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FOXGARDEN Plastic Standing Grow Light with Timer, One Head

FOXGARDEN Plastic Standing Grow Light with Timer, One Head

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The grow light is a professional-grade floor-standing lighting solution that ensures optimal growth for your plants. Designed with a wide illumination range, this lamp is perfect for providing sufficient light coverage to a variety of plants. The Plant Growth Lamp is crafted using advanced technology and high-quality materials, guaranteeing its reliability and durability. It emits a specific spectrum of light that promotes photosynthesis and enhances plant growth, making it an essential tool for both professional gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts.

Upgraded Design

The appearance of the lamp head adopts patentable mold technology and incorporates exclusive design concepts. The back plate has a unique pattern and premium texture which is not easily scratched. The holes in the back are specially reserved for heat dissipation space, saying goodbye to the heating problem during the use of the lamp.

Full Spectrum

LBW Grow Light features 214 high-efficiency LED chips, including 124 cold white, 58 warm white, 24 red, and 8 natural light LEDs, perfectly simulating the spectrum of natural sunlight. With exceptionally high PPFD data, our grow light provides scientifically optimized light for plants, ensuring optimal photosynthesis and promoting healthy plant growth.

Timer Function

With the built-in 4/8/12H timer, you can easily set your preferred lighting schedule. The light can be set to automatically turn on and off at specific times every day, providing convenience and promoting consistent plant growth. Additionally, the dimmable function offers six levels, giving you control over the brightness to suit different plant needs.

Height adjustable

Designed with a plastic outer shell and an aluminum light panel, our plant lamp is lightweight and sturdy. It comes with a 1.5m tripod, allowing you to adjust the height between 27.8-74.8in. And it also has a sling that allows you to use the light in a hanging manner. Our grow light will achieve optimal lighting conditions for your plants at any growth stage.

Latest Lamp Board

The plant light is equipped with a widened panel size of 10.9x4.6in and an optimized distribution of high-quality LEDs. It expands the coverage area, providing ample lighting for more plants to thrive simultaneously. We meticulously designed and tested the most optimal combination of LED colors to make the illumination more uniform and balanced.

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  • Superior Full Spectrum

    Our grow light offers a full spectrum of light, including red, blue, white, UV, and IR wavelengths. This comprehensive light spectrum is essential for promoting photosynthesis and plant growth and yield.

  • Auto Timer Function

    Choose 4/8/12 hour cycles to create a tailored lighting schedule that suits your plants’ specific needs. Enjoy the convenience of a 24-hour timer that effortlessly repeats your desired settings.

  • 6 Dimmable Levels

    With its dimmable function offering six levels, you have full control over the brightness to cater to the specific plants’ needs. Adjust the intensity to optimize growth and ensure healthy development.

  • Different Ways to Use

    The sling allows you to utilize the light in a suspended position. Ideal for smaller spaces where floor standing is not feasible. Save space without compromising on lighting quality.

  • 27.8-74.8” Height Adjustable

    The product comes with a 1.5m tripod, allowing you to easily customize the light’s position according to plant needs. Achieve optimal lighting conditions for plants at any growth stage.

  • Stable Structure

    Made with a lightweight plastic lamp shell and an aluminum light panel, LBW plant light ensures stability, preventing any wobbling or tipping while in use.


Input Voltage Range: 100V to 240V AC

Frequency Range: 50Hz to 60Hz

Input Power: 25W

Lumen: 2800 lm

ColorTemperature: 4630K

Spectrum: Full Spectrum

Lifetime: 50000 Hours

Material: Plastic/Aluminum