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FOXGARDEN Desk Plant Lamp Plus

FOXGARDEN Desk Plant Lamp Plus

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The plant light is equipped with a high-power full spectrum that provides plants with the optimal light for photosynthesis and growth, ensuring healthy and vibrant plants. Our rectangular-shaped plant light comes in a variety of options with different numbers of lamp heads to meet your specific needs. Choose the configuration that suits your growing space and maximize your plant's potential.

Unique Design

Featuring a fresh design upgrade, our plant light boasts a larger light panel and a wider coverage area. In comparison to other desk lamps, our plant light offers a more expansive range of illumination, ensuring abundant light coverage for your plants. Through LBW plant lamp, your plants can enjoy increased light energy, promoting robust growth and showcasing vivid colors.

Full Spectrum

This grow light for indoor plants is designed with 144 high-performance LEDs. These LEDs emit light more uniformly and provide a powerful output, enabling plants to undergo photosynthesis more effectively, resulting in increased yield and growth. Just provide your seedlings, vegetables, flowers, and succulents with this full spectrum grow light, and witness their vibrant world.

Height Adjustable

This grow light is equipped with a metal base, ensuring that the grow lamp stands steadily on any countertop. The thoughtfully designed sponge pad at the bottom prevents the lamp from tipping over and scratching the table. Small footprint and useful desigh, a perfect solution for indoor tabletop plants. Also the lamp features free height adjustment: 15''-30". You just need to telescope the rod up and down, creating an ideal lighting height for you!

Energy Efficient

This grow light uses LEDs of advanced technology, offering superior energy efficiency, enabling you to provide plenty of light for your plants with less energy consumption. Whether it is to save energy or reduce energy costs, our plant lights are the ideal choice for you.

Easy Installation

This tabletop plant light can be easily installed in one minute! Screw the telescopic rod, fix the gooseneck and light panel, then turn on the light, done! Here we offer the best service for you: 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee, 100% money back. Contact us first if you encounter any issue and we will make it OK.

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  • Full Spectrum

    The grow light has 76 cold white, 46 warm white, 20 red, 2 IR and 2 UV LEDs. These efficient beads, especially the IR and UV ones can significently provide plants with a a healthy growth.

    This grow light, measuring 10.43x5.5 inches, makes a larger lighting area for indoor plants.

  • Stable Metal Circular Base

    The gooseneck is 360°rotatable, which is quite flexible during use, easily adapting to plants in various growth directions.

    The height range of 9.8 to 19.6 inches is adjustable, which is more extensive than other plant lights. Adjust the light distance based on the needs’ of plants at different growth stage.

  • Adjustable Telescopic Rod

    The 7.1-inch diameter circular base and strudy material make the base delicate and practical. You can even put a small plant on the base to save more space.

    A non-slip sponge is well-designed for the base, protecting the lamp from sliping over and scratches on the table - a double protection for your plants and table.


Input Voltage Range: 110V to 240V AC

Wattage: 40W

LED Beads: 144

Spectrum:Full Spectrum

Color Temp: 5000K

Lumen: 14680lm

Life: 50,000 Hours

Material: Aluminum

Size: 10.43 x 5.5 inches

Weight: 2.97lbs